Aidan Madigan-Curtis

Manufacturing & Operations Advisor

Aidan Madigan-Curtis is an accomplished leader in the field of digital-physical technology, with a track record of success in scaling manufacturing and operations for world-class organizations like Apple and Samsara. As an advisor to Ribbiot, Aidan brings her wealth of expertise in IoT connected devices and cutting-edge manufacturing practices to help the company excel in its mission to provide a comprehensive resource readiness platform.

Having been instrumental in the growth of AppleWatch and Samsara's connected operations platform, Aidan possesses the knowledge and experience required to navigate the challenges faced by Ribbiot in the rapidly evolving IoT landscape. Her background in computer vision, sensor technology, and mobile and wearable device manufacturing aligns perfectly with Ribbiot's core offerings of BLE and UWB IoT devices for tracking and advanced software solutions for scheduling, organizing, digital documents, operations, and analytics.

Aidan's executive experience at Samsara, where she led a cross-functional team in the field of Industrial IoT and managed end-to-end operations, demonstrates her ability to oversee all aspects of a thriving IoT business. Her previous work at Apple on the Global Operations team and her experience as an investment analyst at Bridgewater have honed her skills in scaling operations, making her an invaluable asset for Ribbiot as it aims to grow its customer base and impact.

Moreover, Aidan is a passionate advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion, with a commitment to fostering an environment that empowers underrepresented groups. Her work in this area, including being a founding member of Samsara's DEI committee and her recognition as one of the 2019 Top 50 Women in Technology by the National Diversity Council, attests to her dedication to creating a more inclusive and diverse workforce.

With a BA in economics from Harvard University and an MBA from Stanford University's Graduate School of Business, Aidan Madigan-Curtis is ideally positioned to support Ribbiot in its pursuit of becoming a leader in the resource readiness space, using her vast experience and knowledge to drive innovation, growth, and success.