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Technology should support operations, not drive operations.
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It's in the name.

Ribbiot takes inspiration from the distinct ribbit of frogs, a symbol of adaptability and agility that mirrors the amphibious capabilities iconic to the Marine Corps. This adaptability is ingrained in Ribbiot's ethos, encapsulating the ability to thrive in varied conditions.

Pairing this with the concept of IoT (Internet of Things), Ribbiot seamlessly bridges the physical and digital domains. As the Marine Corps conquers diverse environments with unmatched prowess, Ribbiot is designed to navigate complex industries, ensuring seamless, effective communication in all conditions.

A little history.

In Joe Frigo's eyes, Ribbiot wasn't just a business but a solution born from firsthand industry challenges. Merging his mechanical engineering roots with diverse construction roles and collaborations with tech giants, Joe witnessed firsthand the fragmentation hindering project lifecycles. Recognizing the need for a seamless, interconnected platform, Ribbiot emerged as his answer to bridge these gaps, aiming to transform the physical industries with comprehensive, end-to-end solutions.
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Introducing Ribbiot.

Ribbiot optimizes the operational life-cycle by combining cutting-edge technologies with advanced technologies. Never has equipment tracking, advanced scheduling, and workflow management been combined in a single consolidated platform. Until now.

Our Team

Joe Frigo

Founder & CEO

JD Martin

VP of Product

Elliott Chenger

VP of Software Engineering

Branden Sheffield

Director of Hardware

Ryan Werth

Director of Product Design

Kyle Struthers

Principal Product Manager

Jeff Neafsey

Principal iOS Engineer

Mehmood Nurmohamed

Principal Firmware Engineer

Andrew Pierce

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Jade Kim

UI/UX Designer

Our Advisors

Bill Angeloni
Operations & Logistics
Ingo Schiller
Innovation and Marketing
Aidan Madigan-Curtis
Manufacturing & Operations
Stealth Advisor
Hardware & Software
Adam Blair
Startup & Hardware