Branden Sheffield

Director of Hardware

Branden Sheffield is an accomplished and versatile engineer with a passion for designing and building innovative electronic systems that solve real-world problems. As the Director of Hardware Engineering at Ribbiot, Branden brings his extensive experience in electrical, mechanical, and manufacturing engineering to develop unique and effective IoT solutions for resource readiness.

With a master's and bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Utah, Branden has built a solid foundation for his career in the field. In his most recent role as a Hardware Engineering Manager at Owlet Baby Care, Branden played a significant part in building the Smart Sock v3. The device received a 70 NPS rating upon release, reflecting its high customer satisfaction and the positive impact it had on the lives of children and their families.

As an engineer, Branden is driven by the values of honesty and integrity, always striving to incorporate them into his work. He is committed to helping those around him succeed, fostering an environment of collaboration and growth. At Ribbiot, Branden is excited to apply his expertise in miniaturized electronics to create systems that help people overcome operational challenges.

In his current position, Branden is responsible for electronics design and systems engineering, as well as overseeing mechanical, manufacturing, and quality engineering. He is also involved in regulatory and compliance needs for hardware and assists with firmware development when necessary.

With his wealth of experience, strong values, and passion for innovation, Branden Sheffield is an invaluable asset to Ribbiot as it seeks to revolutionize the resource readiness and IoT industries.