JD Martin

VP of Product

JD Martin is a dedicated and empathetic leader who excels in creating innovative solutions for complex problems. As the VP of Product at Ribbiot, JD brings his extensive experience in developing blended hardware and software products that address the needs of customers and businesses alike.

Having earned a Bachelor’s in Aeronautics with a minor in Business from Saint Louis University and a Master’s in Business Administration with a focus on small businesses and startups from the University of Illinois, JD possesses a strong educational foundation and a lifelong passion for aviation.

In his previous role as Director of Product at Owlet Baby Care, JD managed a diverse team of product managers responsible for a range of products, including cameras, smart socks (pulse oximeters), and software tools for sleep management and routine tracking. Prior to Owlet, JD oversaw the build out of a software operations system for H-E-B grocery, a Texas institution, that dispatched all curbside and home delivery orders across the state. Prior to that, he spent years at Under Armour building wearables and embedded systems out of their innovation lab.

JD’s values of empathy, humility, and trustworthiness are at the core of his approach to product management. These values enable him to understand the needs of clients and customers and foster collaboration within teams and companies. JD is excited to be leading Ribbiot’s Product and Design teams as they tackle complex industry problems.

As a fan of Formula 1 and an aviation enthusiast, JD brings his passion for high-performance and precision to his work at Ribbiot. His expertise in building products that leverage blended software and hardware experiences and his deep understanding of both physical and digital pain points make JD Martin an invaluable addition to Ribbiot as the company strives to revolutionize the resource readiness and IoT sectors.